Road Safety Guidelines For Drivers And Pedestrians

Road safety

Road safety is important for drivers and pedestrians; traffic accidents are the number one cause of injuries; however, such injuries can be avoided if drivers are careful, follow the rules of the road and are not distracted by their electronics. Many medical practitioners would also be saved from potential malpractice lawsuits resulting from vehicular accidents as well. Most importantly, children can be at risk, no matter if they are in the car or as pedestrians. Statistics shows that defensive-driving practices can keep children and adults safe. Find out about Santa Ana road safety guidelines today!

Defensive driving improves road safety and is an action that involves the driver thinking ahead about possible safety concerns while driving. Drivers who are defensive are not distracted; they are focused on getting to their destination by not talking or texting on their cell phones. Instead they focus completely on driving. In addition, it is important for drivers to be familiar with the rules of the road.

Road safety also includes pedestrians. For example, pedestrians should always use marked crosswalks and only cross the road when it is safe. In addition, parents should educate their children, not only as pedestrians but also as future car drivers. Road safety can be improved several ways; such as placing speed ramps at strategic places. Speed ramps help to regulate the speed at which cars drive.

In addition, traffic mirrors also add to road safety. Side mirrors on cars help with rear visibility but another type of mirror works better; especially when there are sharp corners like intersections between buildings. Convex traffic mirrors are effective with intersections between buildings. They can be set up so that drivers approaching the corner can see what is on the other roads. This reduces the liability of a collision. Another road safety tip is to keep a first aid kit nearby in your car; a first aid kit could save you or your passenger’s life. Besides a first aid kit, also keep several blankets and several bottles of water.

To conclude, road safety is important for all drivers and pedestrians; traffic accidents are the number one cause of injury in most countries. Santa Ana road safety guidelines are helpful and instructive.