Making Successful Claims In Automobile Related Injuries

Even the simplest automobile related injuries become a maze of assumptions and paperwork, and victims often end up consulting an attorney, after the fact.

The good news is, the claims process is fairly straightforward, yet problems tend to arise when the secondary driver refutes the claim. There is only one pivotal moment to present an auto accident claim otherwise the course of action becomes complicated and long.


Most people are aware that auto accidents are taken care of by the insurance companies. This is true for broken taillights and cracked windshields but if any injuries occur, or either driver refutes the events, both individuals could face legal proceedings to find a resolve. The keys to making an accident claim begin at the scene.

1– If possible, the drivers should take pictures at the accident. This should include complete documentation, including pictures of the make and model of the vehicle(s), the car tags and the damages. It’s also important to note that a picture or diagram from each angle of the scene be taken to depict the totality of the accident.

2– Drivers should always exchange license information, as well as insurance information. A request to see an insurance card is appropriate.

3– If there are the slightest of injuries, an ambulance should be called. EMTs can determine whether the injury is serious enough to involve a physician, and this successfully documents the injury, without prejudice.

4– If any witnesses are present, all names and contact information should be documented.

5– Insurance agencies should be contacted as soon as possible to submit documentation and begin a claim.

There are many factors that can be presumed in an auto accidents; precisely why individuals should never admit fault, simply stick to the facts. Speed, right of way, seat belt laws, local ordinances, and other forms of moving violations can come into play and impact an auto accident claim.

From time to time, there are unusual situations that can occur, and the smart step involves the opinion of a lawyer. The stress of any automobile related injuries can cause even the most confident persons to miss important elements. As uncertainly increases, it can be wise to fall back on legal knowledge and experience.