The Rules Of The Road And Why You Need A Lawyer

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The best systems of law are those that began as informal rules that were formalized with some arbitrary decisions made to make people happy. The rules of the road are probably one of the best examples of this. While most of them have become dictated by the needs of law, they are based on the original principles of road use and allow the roads to be used by a variety of different forms of traffic, from pedestrians and automobiles to bikes and animals. By setting priorities and allowing for current technologies, the rules have undergone a number of revisions since they were first formalized, making them an interesting system to look at.

It may sound weird to describe them as “common sense”, but most of the rules are that way as modified by current needs. Most of the rules are based on the idea that they need to be kept relatively simple yet allow for a wide variety of situations. Consider how many decisions that a driver has to make on the road, and how many of them are simple conditionals based on the rules in place: An experienced driver can can go with the flow of traffic because most of the decisions are dependent on the situation rather than requiring actual decision making. A driver has a framework in which to make his decisions and so it is easy to use that framework to make decisions.

There is obviously the occasional glitch. The system is not prefect as it relies on Car Crashhuman judgment and that can sometimes be imperfect. You have the rebels that purposely buck the system for their own need to rebel and those that drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Combined with mechanical failures, the system does occasionally break down, requiring a lawyer to help decide the matter. A lawyer can help a person get the best possible defense, resulting in the best possible sentence. This does not mean the lawyer will get the person free with no cost, but a person has a much better chance of doing so with one than without one. Ultimately the law of the street is open to interpretation, and with a translator you can do better than without one.


Observing Vehicular Safety At All Times

vehicular safety

In a bid to reduce the number of accidents and the subsequent fatalities, different states have come up with different vehicular safety rules. These regulations and laws should be observed both by passengers as well as drivers. There are two major types of road safety; active and passive safety. Active safety involves the use of technology while passive safety involves components of the car that may help in the reduction of injuries and fatalities in case of accidents. These components may include the seat belts, padded dashboards and airbags.

First, you ought to use your safety belt at all times during a journey. The belt should be properly worn as this reduces the probability of injury upon the occurrence of an accident. It also ensures that the body does not sustain extreme or fatal injuries. You may be fined if you are found driving without your seat belt. Children under the age of nine should have the proper car seats and they should be properly buckled up in the seats before the journey begins. In addition to this, it is essential that you remain focused on the road, other users, traffic signs and lights in order to avoid trouble with the legal system.

Safety begins with you and therefore, you should avoid endangering your life and those of others. You are encouraged to use different signs for example, the use of indicators when seeking to branch off or enter to feeder roads and whenever you need to exit, change lanes or even stop. This alerts other users of your intention and they will therefore take the necessary action to prevent accidents. Abrupt braking should be avoided unless in emergency cases as these can easily cause road accidents.

Vehicular safety includes the use of the proper lanes on the highway, observance of traffic lights and the right to give way when necessary. You should also avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol or other forms of drugs that may impair your judgment as you pose danger to yourself and other road users. Remember that a violation of any of these rules may result in fines and penalties, suspension or cancellation of your driving license and jail time.

Making Successful Claims In Automobile Related Injuries

Even the simplest automobile related injuries become a maze of assumptions and paperwork, and victims often end up consulting an attorney, after the fact.

The good news is, the claims process is fairly straightforward, yet problems tend to arise when the secondary driver refutes the claim. There is only one pivotal moment to present an auto accident claim otherwise the course of action becomes complicated and long.


Most people are aware that auto accidents are taken care of by the insurance companies. This is true for broken taillights and cracked windshields but if any injuries occur, or either driver refutes the events, both individuals could face legal proceedings to find a resolve. The keys to making an accident claim begin at the scene.

1– If possible, the drivers should take pictures at the accident. This should include complete documentation, including pictures of the make and model of the vehicle(s), the car tags and the damages. It’s also important to note that a picture or diagram from each angle of the scene be taken to depict the totality of the accident.

2– Drivers should always exchange license information, as well as insurance information. A request to see an insurance card is appropriate.

3– If there are the slightest of injuries, an ambulance should be called. EMTs can determine whether the injury is serious enough to involve a physician, and this successfully documents the injury, without prejudice.

4– If any witnesses are present, all names and contact information should be documented.

5– Insurance agencies should be contacted as soon as possible to submit documentation and begin a claim.

There are many factors that can be presumed in an auto accidents; precisely why individuals should never admit fault, simply stick to the facts. Speed, right of way, seat belt laws, local ordinances, and other forms of moving violations can come into play and impact an auto accident claim.

From time to time, there are unusual situations that can occur, and the smart step involves the opinion of a lawyer. The stress of any automobile related injuries can cause even the most confident persons to miss important elements. As uncertainly increases, it can be wise to fall back on legal knowledge and experience.

Road Safety Guidelines For Drivers And Pedestrians

Road safety

Road safety is important for drivers and pedestrians; traffic accidents are the number one cause of injuries; however, such injuries can be avoided if drivers are careful, follow the rules of the road and are not distracted by their electronics. Many medical practitioners would also be saved from potential malpractice lawsuits resulting from vehicular accidents as well. Most importantly, children can be at risk, no matter if they are in the car or as pedestrians. Statistics shows that defensive-driving practices can keep children and adults safe. Find out about Santa Ana road safety guidelines today!

Defensive driving improves road safety and is an action that involves the driver thinking ahead about possible safety concerns while driving. Drivers who are defensive are not distracted; they are focused on getting to their destination by not talking or texting on their cell phones. Instead they focus completely on driving. In addition, it is important for drivers to be familiar with the rules of the road.

Road safety also includes pedestrians. For example, pedestrians should always use marked crosswalks and only cross the road when it is safe. In addition, parents should educate their children, not only as pedestrians but also as future car drivers. Road safety can be improved several ways; such as placing speed ramps at strategic places. Speed ramps help to regulate the speed at which cars drive.

In addition, traffic mirrors also add to road safety. Side mirrors on cars help with rear visibility but another type of mirror works better; especially when there are sharp corners like intersections between buildings. Convex traffic mirrors are effective with intersections between buildings. They can be set up so that drivers approaching the corner can see what is on the other roads. This reduces the liability of a collision. Another road safety tip is to keep a first aid kit nearby in your car; a first aid kit could save you or your passenger’s life. Besides a first aid kit, also keep several blankets and several bottles of water.

To conclude, road safety is important for all drivers and pedestrians; traffic accidents are the number one cause of injury in most countries. Santa Ana road safety guidelines are helpful and instructive.

Dealing With A Serious Car Accident

Car accidents happen a lot in life, and we cannot be so sure that we may not be the next victim. Accidents can range from light ones such as getting bitten by a dog, to serious ones such as getting hit by another car. In the case of an accident that injures you and you are not the culprit, your best approach is to find a good Personal Injury Attorney to represent you and help you get the kind of compensation that you deserve.

law degreeChoosing the right attorney is very important, since it may determine whether you will win or lose the case. An ideal lawyer should possess the right qualifications. He should have a degree in an appropriate field at a recognizable university in the country. You should check the state attorney website to make sure he has a valid license to practice in your state and represent you in court.

Only choose an Accident Lawyer who has a lot of experiences dealing with similar cases in the past. If you hire a brand new lawyer who has just graduated from the university, you are risking your case. An inexperienced lawyer will have difficulty dealing with real life cases since he is new, and if he makes mistake, you will be the one who has to suffer.

You should also pay attention to his reputation. Through words of mouth, you may learn a lot about any attorney. If an attorney is notorious for charging high or being unscrupulous, you should consider staying away from him.

Since you will be working with your attorney for some time to come, he should have a character that you find comfortable to be with. If cost if a concern to you, rest assured that you will be able to find a capable yet affordable lawyer if you look hard enough. The key here is to use sound judgments and never act on the advice of any other people. You should rely on your own research when choosing which attorney to hire. Hiring the right attorney is the most important step if you want to win your case.